The mission of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority is to develop in women a social consciousness and a commitment to think and act for the greater good. We assure continuous development and achievement for women through individual attention and smart strategic growth.

Delta Phi Epsilon was formed “for the purpose of promoting good fellowship among sorority women… to help… in acquiring knowledge, appreciation, discriminating judgment, and a true feeling of sisterly love through the interaction of sympathetic and friendly natures.”   
               – From the notes of our Founders, 1917


The Purpose of an Alumnae Association:

Alumnae Associations foster pride in membership and promote the importance and benefits of being an active alumna member of Delta Phi Epsilon. Inspire your interested members to place their membership in Delta Phi Epsilon on a level of great importance.

Delta Phi Epsilon Alumnae Associations extend the hand of friendship to all Delta Phi Epsilon sisters with special outreach to new graduates and alumnae new to a community.

  • To establish a social group that supports the ideals of Delta Phi Epsilon
  • To fulfill our pledge of lifetime commitment to Delta Phi Epsilon
  • To promote and support the Delta Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation
  • To assist and support Delta Phi Epsilon collegiate chapters
  • To support collegiate chapters by appointment to Advisory/House Corporation Boards
  • To network with other Delta Phi Epsilon sisters for professional/personal reasons
  • To develop leadership skills and business and social contacts
  • To continue personal development
  • To assist our volunteers and the International Headquarters staff in arranging local, regional, and international conferences

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